Thursday, March 6, 2014

Saturation of .ly Domains with English Adverbs

The .ly TLD is uniquely suited for domain hacks because “ly” is a common ending for many English adverbs.  I looked into the saturation of .ly domains suitable for domain hacks by comparing a list of common English words ending in “ly” against the Libyan ccTLD registry.  Then I analyzed the prevalence of these words in Google Books Ngram data to see how the frequency of a word in writing impacts its probably of being registered for a domain hack.

Almost every popular adverb that can make a domain hack on “.ly” has already been registered.  Essentially all common words that remain unregistered fall into one of three undesirable categories: 1) short words that can only be registered by Libyans, 2) words with negative connotations, and 3) words not permitted by the Libyan registrar.