Friday, April 18, 2014

A/B Testing to Increase Mobile App Profitability

I recently wrote a piece on increasing profitability through A/B testing with Joey Conway.  The public version abstracts a few details but it makes for a great case study on A/B testing because the app we look at (the free version of Joey's Root Checker) has a simple interface with a single call to action, several links to upsell Joey's paid apps, and one unobtrusive ad.  We lay out our methodology, the basic design changes, and the (powerful) impact that we saw as a result of those changes: take a look!

The post was initially for a class at Harvard Business School called Launching Technology Ventures (LTV), taught by Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge Capital.  For those lucky enough to have the opportunity, LTV is an excellent class and Jeff is an incredible instructor.  Tweets related to the class often appear with #HBSLTV.  You can check out our post on the course blog.